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A natural path to finding pain relief today…and creating health, harmony and abundance for all your tomorrows.

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Transform Your Pain

No matter the type of pain, it prevents you from enjoying the things you love and drains your time, money, and energy.


Jamie specializes in supporting professional women who are experiencing burn out, weight gain, fatigue and conditions of chronic imbalance as a result of juggling the double duty of home and work life.

Using natural, holistic and effective solutions put together in an individually tailored Wellbeing Plan, she helps you get the long-term results you want, including…

✓ increased energy and vitality

✓  maintaining a balanced weight

✓  better sleep

✓  hormonal stability

✓  mental clarity and focus

✓  less digestive issues and food sensitivities

✓  harmonious relationships

✓  greater self-confidence, peace of mind, prosperity, and overall fulfillment


► Holistic Health Works


If you are tired of experiencing symptoms on any level of your bodymind and are looking for long-lasting results, you’ve come to the right place!

And you are not alone.

Americans spend over $30 billion dollars out of pocket on holistic health services each year looking for more effective and natural solutions.


The results tell the story…

The original system of holistic health is Ayurveda – the 5,000 year old “mother of all healing” system from India.

If you’re paying attention to the natural health news, you are seeing more and more modern research proving what this system has long known – that understanding your unique self and living in sync with the daily, seasonal and life stage rhythms of nature is the fundamental answer to having greater vitality and longevity.

Ayurveda’s holistic healing system excels at decreasing today’s chronic conditions, which are directly connected to lifestyle, stress, and diet imbalances often caused or increased by the overly busy and overwhelming modern life.

Considering it is these chronic conditions that are creating the modern health crises of today, having the resources and knowledge of how to navigate these challenges is invaluable.

A lifestyle out of sync with your unique needs is the culprit creating the common imbalances of our modern times such as:

★ Fatigue & depletion in the bodymind

★ Insomnia & disrupted sleep patterns

★ General discontent and disconnect from life

★ Weight gain

★ Digestive disturbances

★ Aches, pains, headaches, & inflammation

★ Anxiety, depression, & mental exhaustion

★ Autoimmune & chronic dis-ease conditions


Long-Term, Lasting Solutions

You don’t want short-term fixes that temporarily cover up the problem.  You want long-term solutions to address the underlying roots to give you lasting results.

Safe, Natural & Effective

You don’t want pills that create dependency and have harmful side effects.  You want natural solutions to re-awaken your inner intelligence and build your own inner vitality naturally.

Individually Tailored

You know a one-size fits all general approach doesn’t work.  You want an individually tailored plan designed specifically to fit YOUR unique needs.  You deserve to get it done your way!

Take advantage of my Holistic Well-Being Resources to create your life of abundant health

Holistic WellBeing Programs

1:1 wellness coaching programs designed for your SUCCESS, which combines my professional guidance and support with the time and space for you to learn and implement new life and wellness strategies.

Ayurveda Cleanses

Two cleansing and detoxification protocols to address the chronic build up of imbalances and the accumulation of toxins. Explore the 7-day Digestive Reset or the 14-day Deeper Vital You Detoxification.

Healthy Weight, Healthy You

6 week online self-study program to support a more collaborative relationship with your body, food and weight and use this relationship to support optimal health.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy eating is a big part of living well. But when you are used to eating and cooking in a certain way, it can be heard to switch gears. I get you started by sharing some of my favorite recipes.

With Jamie’s support, I achieved a huge, elusive goal that I have had since I was 13 – peace of mind.

I came to Jamie because  I was looking for support with a body dysmorphic disorder. In the three months I worked with her, not only was I able to get rid of the self-criticism around my body issues, but I also got so much more! Read More…

My pain is eliminated and/or reduced in every area. This is all good stuff, but the greatest value for me is an increase in my joy levels. I am happier because of the addition of several Ayurvedic rituals. I invite every Westerner who is in pain to give Ayurveda a listen. Your body and soul will respond with pain-free, joyful gratitude. Read More…

Making an appointment with Jamie has been my best decision! My intense health issues, that had persisted for almost one year without relief or understanding within other health systems, have been cleared within 2-3 visits without any medication! Read More…

Get started on your journey to a healthy body and mind, vibrant energy and a fulfilled life

Let’s assess what you’re looking to create for yourself…

✓ Better work-life balance with less stress, and more guilt-free time

✓ Greater energy and vitality so you actually can do the activities you love

✓ Confidently expressing your truth in relationships to make sure your needs are heard

✓ More peace and joy in your life

…and see which holistic coaching program will support you in getting you there!

By scheduling your complimentary 30 minute WELL-BEING SUCCESS STRATEGY session, you will have the opportunity to gain greater clarity about your current situation, where you want to go in terms of your wellness, life or life balance goals, what you need or want, and the challenges you’re having getting there.

We’ll also discuss the holistic coaching programs I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go. ​