Deeper Vital You Detoxification

The 14 day deeper cleanse flushes toxins from the fat tissue, decongests the vital organs, resets the digestive fire, and addresses the roots of disease and chronic conditions

Ayurveda uses specific detoxification and cleansing processes as primary protocols for supporting disease and illness and restoring optimal health.

According to Ayurveda, the purpose is to purify the bodyof toxins and excess which are the root cause of disease and as such, help promote healing of symptoms, illness and disease.

In Ayurveda we look at two interrelated concepts that require cleansing. The first is toxins created by undigested or improperly digested food which Ayurveda calls ama. These toxins coat the cells and clog the channels and organs of the body which interferes with normal functioning. Ayurveda also restores health by cleansing the excess of doshas or life forces that naturally exist within the body systems. You build these toxins and imbalances by having a digestive system that is not functioning correctly, lifestyle habits that don’t support your unique bodytype’s needs, and improper eating habits.

In Ayurveda, the detoxification experience is not just a cleanse, it is a sacred experience with your Self.

The healing that takes place is physical, emotional and spiritual. This systemic healing occurs as your body and mind relax and stillness pervades your being. In this state of stillness, deep issues become clear and a memory of your true nature resurfaces. During this process, it is powerful to set your own personal intention for this healing work to be supported.

What To Expect With The Deeper Vital You Cleanse

While a complete pause from daily life and work is ideal to cleanse your body and mind, we recognize that it is not always possible to take a complete re-treat from life to nourish yourself.

To support your cleansing process in balance with your regular obligations, I absolutely recommend that you “lighten” your load in terms of activities and commitment. Especially for the final four days of the cleanse it will be important to coordinate your schedule for quality rest time so block out your schedule!

Oleation Tissue Cleanse $227

This lighter version provides a wonderful opportunity for those new to the process or looking for a affordable and easy way to reset your system. You will enjoy the healing benefits of strengthening the digestive system and metabolic functioning, eliminating toxins which contribute to many of your uncomfortable symptoms, improve your mental functioning, energy, and mental outlook; and support weight loss. Program includes:

  • 1 – 75 minute initial consultation to assess your unique needs, get instructions for guided 8 day cleanse, and discuss optional therapies if an Ayurveda body therapist is in your area.
  • 30 minute email or phone check-in during the process
  • Cleanse Guidelines with shopping list, day by day instructions and prompts, recipes, and body therapy instructions.  
  • Instructions to get or make your cleansing herbs, tea, spice mix and enema supplies.

To Schedule Your Deep Tissue Cleanse Or Get More Information

Contact Jamie at 262-389-5835 or to discuss which cleanse is right for you and find the time to best fit your schedule.

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