Facials & Topical Therapies

Specific care for that part of you needing a little extra TLC


Our facial treatments combine all-natural and organic skincare products with gentle techniques to meet your unique needs.

Bring out your natural inner beauty!  In this facial following ancient protocols, special energy points – Marma – are gently stimulated on the face and neck with touch, massage, and the use of organic skincare products.  The techniques encourage the healthy flow of pranic energy which reduces facial and neck tension and relieves the fine lines and stress which can cause wrinkles.

Topical Treatments

SCHEDULE YOUR LEPAS Herbal Paste Treatment- $85/45 minutes

Medicinal plasters or herbal pastes are applied to specific body areas to address a variety of conditions including pain, swelling, muscle weakness, digestive issues, menstrual and reproductive system imbalances. Oil and heat are initially applied to open the pores and channels to better absorb the herbs. While the paste rests, additional Ayurvedic energy techniques are used to clear stagnate energy and blockages and restore balance in the affected area and body. Add the appropriate treatment to meet your needs.

Therapeutic treatment options include:

  • Headaches Be Gone: tension and migraine options
  • Joint Support: for degenerative pain, congestive pain, or inflammatory pain
  • Digestive Relief: options for constipation, gas and bloating or acid reflux/heartburn
  • Women’s Balancing: to ease PMS, hormonal balance, heavy menses, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis as well yeast infections and UTI’s
  • Immunity Boost: to restore immune response due to depletion from stress, burn out, chemotherapy or radiation, or chronic health conditions
  • Customized Formula: starts with a 15 minute Herbal Consultation (in-person or via the phone) with Jamie to assess your individual need.  From there a customized herbal formula is created to be used by any of the Ayurveda bodyworkers in an upcoming session.


Topical Oil Applications – These nourishing and healing treatments can be added on to any abhyanga or package. Each uses a dough dam placed on a specific body part filled with oils according to the needs to the individual. While the oil rests, additional Ayurvedic energy techniques are used to clear stagnate energy and blockages and restore balance in the affected area and body.

  • Heart “Hrid” Basti $50/30 minutes: nourish, rejuvenate, strengthen and balance the physical and emotional heart with warm herbal oil on the chest area. An effective therapy for respiratory problems and asthma, stress and emotional grief, physical cardiac functions and strengthening the heart muscle.
  • Belly “Nabhi” Basti $50/30 minutes: relieve physical and emotional tension in the abdominal area to soothe both digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis as well as female reproductive disorders, PMS, and menstrual imbalances. 
  • Spine “Kati” Basti $50/30 minutes: soothe chronic and degenerative-related back pain and tension, strengthen the bone tissue, and support flexibility with the lumbosacral application of warm herbal oil. Includes a gentle Ayurveda oil massage on the low back and hips.
  • Knee Basti $65/45 minutes: decrease pain in your knees as these important joints are bathed in warm medicated to strengthen the joints while improving the circulation. Great for osteoarthritis or other degenerative joint conditions.
  • Throat “Kanth” Basti $50/30 minutes: support healthy function of the thyroid, expression of your truth through the throat chakra, and muscular or bone issues in the neck.

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