Today’s modern lifestyle and an overloaded, weak digestion lead to accumulated toxins, called ama in Ayurveda.

cloggedAma is a heavy, oily, sticky substance that coats and clogs the cells, organs and channels in the body and interferes with the normal functioning of both your body and your mind.  These toxins not only create disease but also block the assimilation of nutrients from your food, which affects the health of all the other tissues and systems in the body.

Ama weakens the immune system, causes the body to attack itself, and imbalances the metabolism.   The connection between disease and Ama is so strong that in Ayurveda the word for disease is Amaya which translates as “that which is born out of Ama.”

You build Ama in a variety of ways

  1. Your digestive system is not functioning correctly due to a weak digestive fire or improper eating habits which prevent you from digesting your food properly.  This problem results in undigested food in your system which turns into the rotten, toxic sticky substance of ama.
  2. Lifestyle habits that don’t support your unique bodytype’s needs or an excess of raw, heavy, cold, oily, sweet, processed, or otherwise irritating foods.
  3. Accumulated waste products from stored feces, urine, sweat (constipation, scanty urination, no perspiration) due to improper elimination which is also connected to your digestive system not working correctly.+
  4. Mental ama is created from unresolved anger, fear or frustration; any unexpressed, unresolved emotion that accumulates in the mind, and unprocessed emotions as a result of extreme experience of trauma that your bodymind was unable to assimilate.
  5. On the energetic level, ama is created by the inability to “digest” sensory experiences either due to the state of our vitality or from overload.

You know you have ama by various symptoms or illnesses.

In general ama creates heaviness and clogs in the system with general symptoms such as fatigue and low energy, a sense of heaviness anywhere in the body or mind including excess weight, congestion in the sinuses and lungs, adhesions, and fibrocystic changes, venous engorgement and heart blockages; constipation, indigestion, bloating and gas; bad breath and a whitish coating on the tongue, distorted or loss of taste, generalized body aches and stiffness.

natural-insomnia-remediesIn addition to those signs of congestion and blocks, you may also experience restless and excessive movement in the nervous system as the body works to  find a way around the block → breathlessness, tingling, numbness, burping, flatulence, hyper-peristalsis, mental confusion, restless or excessive thinking, ringing in ears, insomnia, ungroundedness,  vague intestinal pain, tremors, ticks, and spasms.

With mental and/or energetic ama you will see signs of confusion, lack of clarity, poor perception, doubt, delusion, judgment, criticism, and a lack of enthusiasm/interest in life.

In terms of modern disease conditions, Ama includes:

  • High cholesterol and high triglycerides
  • High blood sugar and type 2 diabetes
  • ↑ white blood cells/leuocytosis or ↓ white blood cells/leukocytopenia
  • accumulation of antibodies
  • Gallstones, kidney stone
  • Chronic infections including candida
  • Rheumatoid and arthritis conditions
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Glaucoma

digestionIf you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or conditions, it’s time to detoxify and recharge your system!  And the best way to clear ama is with seasonal cleanses.  Take advantage of the 7-Day Guided Home Detox to reclaim your healthy body, sharp mind and vibrant energy.


©2013, Jamie Durner, Ayurvedic Natural Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator