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10 Ways To Lighten Up This Spring

With this external seasonal shift into spring, you’ve probably been feeling some cues to make a few internal shifts as well. Likely you’re shedding your heavy sweaters for a lighter jacket or beginning to integrate a few more salads in place of warmer soups and stews.

These internal cues from your inner intelligence are part of what guides you stay in sync with nature’s rhythms. And you can use Ayurvedic medicine to help you pinpoint even more specifically what changes will be optimal for you and your unique needs during this season.

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Manifest Your Best New Year

These tools help you clear the old and make way for the new you want to bring in for your new year. Use them to help you manifest your best next year.

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Brené Brown On Handling Critics

A couple years ago I "discovered" Brené Brown.  I'd heard mention of her but then I got a couple of her books which I've been reading and re-reading in small chunks. Very inspiring and interesting look at human nature. She is a shame and vulnerability researcher.  At...

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