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Brené Brown On Handling Critics

A couple years ago I "discovered" Brené Brown.  I'd heard mention of her but then I got a couple of her books which I've been reading and re-reading in small chunks. Very inspiring and interesting look at human nature. She is a shame and vulnerability researcher.  At...

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Why Clearing The Clutter is Key For The Kapha Spring Season

 Spring time is a natural time for cleaning, re-awakening and clearing out the old to make way for the new. An in Ayurveda, spring is the key season to do cleaning not only in your physical environment, but also your body and mind to keep the Kapha dosha balanced....

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Are Your Boundaries Promoting Your Health & Vitality?

Boundaries are one of the most important acts of self care you can say yes to in order to stay healthy and vital. How you answer the question of what to say YES to and what to say NO to has a big impact of your health. Even if you have a bounty of time, which most of...

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