A couple years ago I “discovered” Brené Brown.  I’d heard mention of her but then I got a couple of her books which I’ve been reading and re-reading in small chunks.

Very inspiring and interesting look at human nature.

She is a shame and vulnerability researcher.  At first I didn’t relate to the shame aspect.  But in seeing all the ways shame can show up and how they affect our behaviors and relationships, I see how it fits together.

Much of what she has to say fits right into not only my personal beliefs but the work I do.  So naturally I wanted to share it with you!

This is a great video where she highlights how to handle external and internal critical voices.

In the video and her book “Daring Greatly”, she talks about being in the arena – where we get dirty and bruised through life experiences.  It can be hard, scary and requires vulnerability.  As Brene says, “it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about showing up”.

Check her out!