Raita is a delicious condiment in which  yogurt is the main ingredient.

 In Ayurveda, yogurt by itself is sour, heating and difficult to digest.  However, when yogurt is watered down and spiced, as in a lassi, or spiced and taken in small quantities with a meal, it can serve as a digestive aid.

This raita is one of my favorites for the summer pitta season.

Cucumbers are cooling energetically and sweet in taste so make a lovely antidote to the heat of the summer.  The cucumber skin is bitter, which is also balancing to pitta and kapha but not to the vata dosha.  Both the cucumber and the yogurt can aggravate the kapha dosha.  As such, those with higher kapha or a kapha imbalance should take only occasionally and increase the mustard seeds and asafoetida.

In general this dish lowers or pacifies vata and pitta doshas while increases or aggravates kapha dosha.


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