essential ayurveda ebookEssential Ayurveda eBook $29*

This 95 page eBook is a great way to gain an introduction to the healing science of Ayurveda and use as a guideline to in your life for greater health & harmony.

While Ayurveda can feel like a complex subject, once your learn the basics it can actually be easy to understand with its common sense way of looking at you and the world.

This eBook gives you the Ayurveda basics to understand enough of the big picture to get started.  In addition to background and basic concepts, this unique book also helps you take the theory into action with guided activities and self-reflection.

Start your Ayurveda supported journey TODAY to create greater health and harmony in your body mind and life!


 Background of Ayurveda – page 3

Ayurveda Philosophy – page 5

The Ayurveda Model – page 11

Ayurveda Anatomy – page 14

Ayurveda 101: Doshas and Prakruti – .page 23

Health & Disease – page 32

Treatment Principles – page 35

Symptoms, Signs Imbalance, & Remedies – page 37

Qualities of Life – page 44

Digestion & Agni – page 55

Energetic Nature of Food – page 64

Daily Wellness Routines – page 73

Seasonal Adjustments – page 87

Detoxification – page 89

Moving Forward with Ayurveda – page 95