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Grains are generally naturally sweet in taste, have a neutral energy that is neither heating or cooling, are sattivc (pure and peace promoting), and support the balance of all three doshas.

Considered in Ayurveda as one of the best staple foods for all climates and constitutions in their whole form, grains play a vital role in the diet.  Grains are made up of large amounts of the earth element which is what helps build the physical tissues and gives bulk to the stool through their fiber.  In their whole form cooked properly, they are also easy to digest.

However, when grains are eaten in excess, they can aggravate the doshas and the body.  This is especially true with the highly processed grains and over-emphasis of wheat-based foods in the modern diet.  Many today think of “whole grain” as a processed product made with whole wheat flour. These recipes will help your expand your diet into the true whole forms of grains.

Though grains vary in terms of the qualities of dry/moist and heavy/light which do impact the doshas differently, unless you have a serious health condition, you can enjoy grains in a balanced way simply by rotating their use throughout the week.  For example, for your main meal enjoy millet on Monday, rice on Tuesday, barley on Wednesday, buckwheat and oats on Thursday, quinoa (which is really a seed but serves up like a grain) on Friday.  You don’t need to be that rigid, but integrating the different grains in will lessen the negative impact of having too much of any one grain – especially wheat, which is overused today.

Authentic Lebanese Tabouli

Authentic Lebanese Tabouli

Enjoy this whole grain salad made with bulgur wheat, ripe summer tomatoes, and delicious garden herbs. Naturally cooling with solid nutrition!

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Jamie Durner, Holistic Wellbeing CoachJamie Durner, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

As a Wellbeing Coach, I know the importance of food in creating health.  As an Ayurveda Practitioner, I know that different foods have different impacts on you as an individual.  I promote a whole foods diet and help cue you as to how the recipes will affect the vata, pitta and kapha doshas so you can support your own needs.  But even if you don’t know about the doshas or Ayurveda, you can use these recipes to add new variety, try out vegetarian main meals, and expand your definition of what a healthy treat might be!

I don’t love to cook, but I make time to cook as part of my daily sadhana and strive to find recipes that are easy, quick and fit into a busy life.  Recognizing that we live in a complex world with many demands,  I don’t expect myself or my clients to be any kind of diet purest, skip desserts, or eat tasteless “health” foods.  If you’re mind and heart aren’t happy eating the food, even if it is the healthiest in the world, it isn’t going to fill you up.

I invite you to find your yummy foods with recipes that meet your unique bodymind needs.

If you find modifications that are awesome, please share in the comment section.

If you’ve got a fabulous recipe you’d love to share, send it to me!