Spring time is a natural time for cleaning, re-awakening and clearing out the old to make way for the new.

An in Ayurveda, spring is the key season to do cleaning not only in your physical environment, but also your body and mind to keep the Kapha dosha balanced.

Kapha by nature is defined by the qualities of heavy, stable, dense, sticky, moist, cool, cloudy, dull/slow, gross (vs. subtle), soft, and oily.

The qualities that I’m going to talk about in relation to cleaning out are primarily heavy, stable, dense and cloudy.  None of these qualities, by the way, are inherently bad.  It is only when there is an excess or imbalance that issues can arise.

In terms of your physical environment, you want a balance between having enough nourishing things to be supportive without feeling stifled or compressed,  We all like nice things.  Having enough of them makes you feel nourished, safe, grounded and taken care of.  And feeling safe and cared for is important. 

But one can also become attached to tangible items and begin to collect and even hoard things to the point of being immobilized, stuck and weighed down.  This represents the dense and heavy qualities to an extreme –  where literally your stuff bogs you down.  Beyond being stable, you’ve become entrenched.

In terms of your mental environment, your “things” are your beliefs.  Some of your beliefs serve who you are today.  Others have been accumulated from past experiences and are simply taking up unnecessary space.  Some may be even actively derailing the person you are today.

People with more Kapha energy in their bodymind can be prone to this pattern of accumulation – both in accumulating possessions in the household and getting stuck in beliefs in their mind.  Even when new evidence or information is provided, people with Kapha mental stuck tendencies will remain stubbornly attached to their views and opinions.

In much of the world, spring is the season of Kapha.  As spring comes in with heavy moisture and cloudy skies in the outer world, it will increase these energies in your bodymind internally as well.   To bring about a good internal balance, you may need to do some clearing out.

Spring Cleaning To Balance Kapha

First, examine your physical environment and see what you might want to shed, let go of or declutter.  The goal is to bring in more light, flowing and clear energies to your space to boost your energy, creativity and mood.   

  • Clean out your closets
  • Do a deep clean to get rid of the dirt, dust and built up grime
  • Use citrus essential oils in your cleaners (lemon, grapefruit or lemongrass are lovely) or as part of your daily self care as the citrus oils uplift the heaviness in the emotions and spirit
  • Store away or get rid of what you no longer need and feel lightness all around you
  • Change up your decor.   Switch out your throw pillows or use flowers to bring in the bright and bold colors that are visually stimulating and mood lifting 

On a mental level, it is also helpful to declutter your beliefs. To support this process, I share with you this simple 5 minute “Clear The Cobwebs of the Mind”visualization.


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