Ghee is a simple oil to make that is wonderful for cooking and has many healing benefits that will make you want to add it into your daily diet.

This month of February I’ve dedicated to different ways to give yourself more self love while increasing your overall vitality or ojas.

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Today I want to share about GHEE.

Ghee - A Healing OilGhee, also known as clarified butter, is a semi-liquid form of butter with the water, lactose and other milk solids cooked out.  Because it contains no water, it does not spoil easily and does not need to be refrigerated. *To prevent contamination, make sure that you use a clean, dry utensil to get the ghee out and do not get any liquid or food in the container that will cause bacteria to grow.

Ayurveda considers ghee the ultimate cooking oil due to its cooking properties, wonderful taste and many healing benefits.  With its rich, buttery taste and flavor, you can use half or two-thirds as much as other cooking oils.  It also has a very high burning point and can be used to sauté, bake, deep-fry plus as a spread or topping.

But beyond the cooking benefits, Ghee has many benefits for the body and mind:

  • Loosens and liquefies the toxins and allows them to be released
  • Carries the healing benefits of herbs, spices and foods deeper into the body
  • Lubricates and moistens the membranes and tissues, protecting them from damage
  • Lubricates the digestive system, aiding in digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Promotes learning, memory and recall as well as supporting a healthy vision, voice, intelligence and brain function
  • Enhances immunity and helps maintain good health, vitality and longevity – what we call Ojas in Ayurveda
  • Is excellent for balancing the Vata Dosha which control all movement in the body and the mind, including the nervous system

Ghee is so easy to make and I think home cooked is much tastier than what you buy

How to Prepare: 

  1. Put 1 pound of unsalted organic butter in a heavy, medium-sized pan.
  2. Put the pan on a burner on medium to medium low heat and allow it to gently boil in the background for about 15 -20 minutes.
  3. The butter will foam and sputter awhile, then quiet down and eventually begin to turn a lovely golden color.  Whitish curds will also form on the bottom of the pot.
  4. When these whitish curds turn a light tan color, the ghee is ready.  Take it off the heat immediately – for this is when the ghee will most easily and likely burn.  Burned ghee has a nutty smell and a dull, slightly brownish color.
  5. Strain the ghee into a jar and let cool.  As it cools, it will solidify.
  6. Enjoy as a cooking oil as well as a topping on your cooked cereals, muffins, grains and vegetables.

In the video below, you will see me have the butter in a pot. You won’t see anything real exciting happening because you simply put the pan on a burner and allow it to gently boil in the background.  I often make my ghee while doing other cooking.

What I really want you to see in the video is the strainer set up – using a jar, a funnel, and a fine mesh sieve lined with an unbleached coffee filter.

When the ghee is ready, you simple pour it into your strainer over a jar.  Any residual curds will be caught in the coffee filter and you simply throw them away, leaving you with your clarified butter.

I will be making a new video of the ghee process next time I make it.  This is from a demonstration I did as part of a Cleanse workshop.  I apologize for the paper rustling noise in the second half, but hopefully you can get the visual gist of the straining process.

What I really want you to take away is just how easy it is to make this lovely substance!

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