Paneer is a soft cheese used in Ayurveda as an easy-to-digest protein.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey…

Until I learned how to make paneer as part of my study of Ayurveda, I never really understood that rhyme.  Now you will be able to understand it as well as enjoy a new easy to make food!

Paneer is a soft milk cheese and makes a nice vegetarian protein.  It is very easy to make and versatile in recipes.  My favorite way of using it is to make it then sauté the curds in ghee with Mum’s masala spice mix and add it to my grain and vegetables.  I have served this at many of my classes and it is always a bit hit.

paneerFor those who are vegetarian or want to use lighter forms of protein than meat, paneer can be a nice addition to your diet.  When compressed, it can have a texture similar to tofu and will often take on the flavors of the dish it is cooked with. Paneer is also one of the food options for the Be Your Best Cleanse.

While you can buy paneer at most Indian grocery stores, it is very simple to make.  I call it one of my “cooking in the background” foods because I often make it while I’m doing other cooking.

Since this is a dairy product, it is considered heavier.  As such, it is best for vata and pitta pacifying but can be used by kapha constitutions in small amounts.

You will simply be bringing some organic whole milk to a slow boil, adding an acid agent to curdle the milk, strain the whey, press, and voila – you have paneer!

To support you in seeing just how easy it is, watch this short video I put together.  No, the video isn’t going to win any cinematography awards!  But I find it useful to have a visual and I hope that it will help you get started as well.

There are lots of recipes you can find that use paneer.  Get started with this Ayurvedic version of Matar Paneer.