Tools To Support Your New Year Welcome

In ours and many cultures, the new year transition is a big time to pause, step back and look at what you have, what you want and how you want to get there.


One of my annual rituals is to set aside time to reflect on my past year and

  • celebrate and acknowledge what worked well
  • release any regrets or things that didn’t work out as hoped
  • set my intentions on what I’d like to receive for the next year

As we kick off this new year, I thought I would share my two favorite tools that I use.

I like to start with this visualization as it taps into my unconditioned mind and highest self. 

The New Year Visualization was recorded last year so mentions 2018 as the new year – simply flip it for this current year.

Once I get that deep information, I then use these prompts to weave in more of my conscious awareness and create my plan.

Step 1: Celebrate Your Big Wins

Look back through your planner or calendar from the past year and review month-by-month all the positive shifts, moments of accomplishment, deep learning, and new strategies you put in place and anything else that was a success for you.  Beyond the calendar, you can also think about any other things you’d like to acknowledge that went well.

Once you have your full list of your big wins, allow yourself to bask in all the good things you realized.

Too often we are focused on what’s left or still to be done.  We don’t take the time to truly acknowledge and celebrate all that we have already done.  As such, I invite you to take deeper time here and really connect with your success.  Then take several moments to fill yourself up with that success energy and glow.

Notice where this energy of success and positivity lives in your body.  By recognizing where you tend to store this energy, you can tap into in when you need a boost of it in the future!

Step 2: Let Go Of The Old

After acknowledging what worked, take a look at what didn’t work as well as you’d hoped or challenges you encountered.

See what learning you want to bring with you along with unfinished business that you proactively want to address from a place of strength.

Then consciously choose to leave the rest behind.  Carrying old angers, hurts, and grudges into the next year adds a burden that can drain and disrupt you.

In addition to writing these down, I will often burn them, allowing the fire energy to transform and cleanse the old energy.  Choose whatever ceremony or ritual closure feels right for you.

Step 3:Create a New Year Vision Statement & Anchor Word

Think about standing at the end of this year and looking back.

If you achieved your big goals and had more of what you want, ask yourself, WHO would you BE?

What would you look like in your life?

From this picture, create an inspiring statement that speaks to who you are becoming and what you want at the core essence.

Within that statement you might also find that a word stands out that is the theme or cornerstone energy that anchors the energy or support that will help you reach your end vision.

In the past two years my words have been flexibility and connection.

Step 3: Set your Goals

Now that you have an idea of where you’re going, think about what you’re going to need to DO to get there.

Break it down into goals and steps within those goals.

If you choose, you can add timelines for the steps as well as milestone markers that you can celebrate along the way and use to stay on track.

I had a client recently share she wants to take a sabbatical to prioritize her time in writing a book that has been building in her the past several years.  One of the questions we explored was what are the pieces in her life that need to shift to bring this spaciousness and focused time into being?

Your goals and steps will ties into the new behaviors, actions, changes or modifications you’ll be making to bring you to your new place of BEING.

I hope you have fun with the process as much as I do!

And, if you find that either creating your vision and goals or implementing them through out the year is a struggle on your own, I’m happy to be your collaborative coaching partner.

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