Organic or naturally grown food has skyrocket in the past decade.

This is a good reset to get us back to what nature’s bounty was originally designed to be.

In Ayurveda, food is one of the main pillars of health.  Having food that is whole, naturally grown and fresh is considered best.

Luckily, there are great resources on where to find organic food grown locally.

And this is the season where you may be thinking of planting your own garden, signing up for a CSA subscription, or gearing up for your local farmer’s market.

I’ve been thrilled to find lots of food resources with my move to Kansas.  One of the farmer’s markets is 100% organic and there is a plethora of local CSA farms.  In fact, I’m just getting ready to sign up for my own subscription! 

However, you may also be wondering how to incorporate more organic food for you and your family on a limited budget that doesn’t allow you to go fully organic. 

The great news is the Environmental Working Group (EWG) each year puts out two lists:

  1. The Dirty Dozen with the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of pesticides
  2. The Clean 15 with the produce that has the lowest levels of pesticides

You can use these lists to know where to best focus your organic dollars and what you skip if your budget can’t cover it all.

In addition to produce, meat and animal products are another area to consider investing in organic foods. 

Because animals eat other foods, they end up with a cumulative amount of pesticides in their bodies that get passed on to you.

These are some additional resources to find organic foods: 

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