Physical Pain

Nothing is worse than pain!

Physical pain is probably the word that you most connect to when you think “pain” and applies to both the musculo-skeletal system as well as your internal health system including…

The symptoms associated with the above conditions are cues from your body that there is a problem somewhere deeper within you that needs to be addressed. Pain is like the red light going off in your car indicating it is time for service. While the pain is uncomfortable, it is not the root problem itself. To restore your optimal health, treatment needs to be aimed not only at alleviating the symptom, but also at restoring balance to the deeper problem or imbalance within your whole system.

Too much of certain foods, lifestyle factors, or repetitive actions can create imbalance and push you out of health.

Your musculo-skeletal structure is primarily affected by how you use your body in daily activities. Imbalance is created by repetitive use of muscles, incorrect posture, poor bio-mechanics (how you are using your body), excess activity, and direct trauma.

To balance the muscles and their connected structures I use these therapies:

  • Soft tissue massage to release muscular tension
  • CranioSacral therapy to correct restrictions in the bones, connective tissues, and nervous system –especially effective for headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder issues, sinus problems, and nervous system issues
  • Posture modification
  • Corrective exercises, stretches and treatment tools you can use at home
  • Medicated oils and herbal formulas including bone and muscle tonics

Internally, from the Ayurvedic perspective, everything in life is made up of three doshas or life forces, including your body. Having too much of any one of these life forces is like filling a glass overly full of water. If the glass is full and you add more, water will spill over. Within your body, this excess translates into symptoms and illness. A small amount of excess will lead to mild symptoms; whereas a large amount of excess left to build will spread to more and more parts of the body’s systems and create different illness and disease.

In treating internal health conditions, I use the following techniques:

  • Nutritional diet support based on your constitution and current state of imbalance
  • Herbal formulas individually designed to address your symptoms and underlying imbalances
  • Life coaching activities and techniques
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Yoga, breath, and meditation techniques
  • Aroma, color and sound therapies