In Kundalini Yoga, a kriya refers to a set of postures, breath and sound used to create a specific effect in the bodymind.


The Shabd Kriya builds and balances the neutral mind, support a deep and relaxed sleep, and gives radiance and patience.  It is a quiet and calming meditative exercise that balances vata dosha and the nervous system as a whole.

The neutral mind observes the actions from the positive and negative mind aspects and assesses them without attachment and connects you to your higher self.  It allows you to be more responsive to the external world and less reactive.

The best time to practice Shabd Kriya is before bed to support sleep and the regeneration of the nervous system.

Ideally start with 15 minutes and build up as desired to a maximum of 62 minutes.


Sit in a comfortable positing with a straight spine.  Place your hands in your lap with the right hand over the left, palms up with the thumb tips touching and pointing forward. Keep the eyes focused on the tip of the nose with your eyelids half closed as you follow this breath-mantra cycle.

  • Inhale in four equal parts through the nose as you mentally chant the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma (saa taa naa maa)
  • Hold the breath as you mentally chant the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma four times
  • Exhale out through the nose in two equal strokes, mentally vibrating Wahe (wah hay) on one stroke out and Guru (goo roo) on the second stroke


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