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Ayurveda Inspired Vata Recipes

Warm, nourishing foods to ground the Vata Dosha


These recipes are balancing to those with a Vata constitution, during the Vata cold and dry season, and those people who are experiencing a Vata imbalance from having too much of the Vata life force in their body-mind.

What balances Vata?

Vata by nature is cold, dry, light, mobile, rough, hard and subtle.  In Ayurveda, we recognize that things of a similar nature will increase the dosha while substances of an opposite nature will help restore balance.

As such, Vata recipes will favor warm, cooked foods that are well spiced, are grounding and heavier in nature, and have more oils or moisture in them.  Note that cooked doesn’t mean overcooked or completely mushy so the nutrients are cooked out!

Indian Okra Subji

Unlike the western fried versions, this dish provides the soft and slimy benefits of okra without being either over oily and heavy or completely mushy.

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Cucumber Raita

Raita is a delicious condiment in which  yogurt is the main ingredient.  In Ayurveda, yogurt by itself is sour, heating and difficult to digest.  However, when yogurt is watered down and spiced, as in a lassi, or spiced and taken in small quantities with a meal, it...

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Authentic Lebanese Tabouli

Enjoy this whole grain salad made with bulgur wheat, ripe summer tomatoes, and delicious garden herbs. Naturally cooling with solid nutrition!

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Yogi Spice Tea

A spicy tea from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to support digestion as well as transition off coffee when used with black tea.

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Ayurvedic Matar Paneer

This is a spin off of Mater Paneer, a popular dish in Indian cuisine using fresh cheese and peas in a tomato based sauce with a garam masala spice mix.

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Cumin Coriander Fennel Tea

A lovely tea that is good for all constitutional body types and is a great general digestive tea as well as provides gentle detoxification support.

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Beets & Greens

A yummy natural pairing of beets with their greens – a part that is often left off but so full of nutrients and the astringent and bitter tastes which are needed in our diet.

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Baked Tofu

This simple way of fixing tofu is one of my favorites with much versatility in how it can be used. 

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Jamie Durner, Holistic Wellbeing CoachAs a Wellbeing Coach, I know the importance of food in creating health.  As an Ayurveda Practitioner, I know that different foods have different impacts on you as an individual.  I promote a whole foods diet and help cue you as to how the recipes will affect the vata, pitta and kapha doshas so you can support your own needs.  But even if you don’t know about the doshas or Ayurveda, you can use these recipes to add new variety, try out vegetarian main meals, and expand your definition of what a healthy treat might be!

I don’t love to cook, but I make time to cook as part of my daily sadhana and strive to find recipes that are easy, quick and fit into a busy life.  Recognizing that we live in a complex world with many demands,  I don’t expect myself or my clients to be any kind of diet purest, skip desserts, or eat tasteless “health” foods.  If you’re mind and heart aren’t happy eating the food, even if it is the healthiest in the world, it isn’t going to fill you up.

I invite you to find your yummy foods with recipes that meet your unique bodymind needs.

If you find modifications that are awesome, please share in the comment section.

If you’ve got a fabulous recipe you’d love to share, send it to me!