Wellness Resources

Bring Ease, Balance and Success to your Journey to Be your Best

All of these facilitated services or self-study resources are designed and chosen to help keep you on track and healthy by staying consistent at home.

This is because it is what you do every day that affects your state of health. Therefore, your everyday self-care regimen sets the foundation for creating health and harmony in your body and your life. And to have a good daily routine, you need your resources!

Holistic WellBeing Programs

1:1 wellness coaching programs designed for your SUCCESS, which combines my professional guidance and support with the time and space for you to learn and implement new life and wellness strategies.

Ayurveda Cleanses

Two cleansing and detoxification protocols to address the chronic build up of imbalances and the accumulation of toxins.

Explore the 7-day Digestive Reset or the 14-day Deeper Vital You Detoxification.

Healthy Weight, Healthy You

A Self Study program to help you establish a healthy weight and a healthy you as you discover a more collaborative relationship with your body, food and weight and use this relationship to support optimal health.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy eating is a big part of living well. But when you are used to eating and cooking in a certain way, it can be hard to switch gears. I get you started by sharing some of my favorite recipes.


With Jamie’s support, I achieved a huge, elusive goal that I have had since I was 13 – peace of mind.

I came to Jamie because  I was looking for support with a body dysmorphic disorder. In the three months I worked with her, not only was I able to get rid of the self-criticism around my body issues, but I also got so much more!


My pain is eliminated and/or reduced in every area.

This is all good stuff, but the greatest value for me is an increase in my joy levels. I am happier because of the addition of several Ayurvedic rituals.

I invite every Westerner who is in pain to give Ayurveda a listen. Your body and soul will respond with pain-free, joyful gratitude.


Making an appointment with Jamie has been my best decision!

My intense health issues, that had persisted for almost one year without relief or understanding within other health systems, have been cleared within 2-3 visits without any medication!


Get started on your journey to a healthy body and mind, vibrant energy and a fulfilled life

By scheduling your complimentary 30 minute WELL-BEING SUCCESS STRATEGY, you will have the opportunity to gain greater clarity about your current situation, where you want to go in terms of your wellness, life or life balance goals, what you need or want, and the challenges you’re having getting there.

We’ll also discuss the holistic coaching programs I offer and determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go. ​